We are a family-run sustainable farm.

Farming is centuries old practice, but we know you can learn something new from the land everyday.
De La Mesa Farms is stepping into the future, with Bryan and Natalie Mesa at the helm, running a small farm in Tacoma, Washington that is sustainable, innovative and diversified in order to bring the freshest microgreens and produce to local markets, chefs and grocers.

At De La Mesa Farms, we are more than just farmers of microgreens and produce. Our mission is to strengthen our communities and environment. That means we use only organic methods to grow our produce. That means we reduce waste by utilizing as much of what we grow as possible in value-added farm products like salsas and ferments. That means we offer workshops, educational farm tours and popup events at our farm. That means we engage with our community by hosting yoga in the mornings. That means we sell our produce at local farmers markets to strengthen local food hubs. That means we participate in carbon sequestration and conservation programs to ensure we are good stewards of the land. That means we are always seeking ways to innovate in how we farm and how we do business to usher in a new era of farmer.

Bryan and Natalie are immigrants and children of immigrants. and passionate about the food they grow. They graduated from the GoFarm Hawaii Program (Cohort 8) in June 2018 and are recipients of Kamehameha School's 2018 Mahi'ai Matchup farm business competition. In 2020 they took a leap of faith and purchased 2.5 acres in Tacoma, Washington to start their new farm.

Welcome to De La Mesa Farms. 

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Tel. (805) 602-7415

Email: delamesallc@gmail.com

Address: 11910 28th Ave E, Tacoma, Washington 98445

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