A New Adventure Awaits...

It's official, De La Mesa Farms has relocated to the Pacific Northwest. After almost 4 years of growing our Hawaii operations from a backyard aquaponics experiment to a full-fledged biodynamic vegetable farm on 1/2 acre in Waimanalo on the island of Oahu, we regrettably said goodbye to our Blue Fields bananas and tropical fruits such as mango, lilikoi and lychee.

On August 28, 2020 we did our first walk-through of our newly purchased 2.5 homestead. Right away we were surprised with the small bounty the previous owners left us - blackberry brambles, blueberry and raspberry bushes, purple and yellow plum trees, an heirloom apple tree, a few grapevines, winter squash, sweet summer tomatoes and even a pear tree. A new adventure now awaits as we roll up our sleeves to make the most of the 1909 farmhouse and acreage ripe for planting.

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